Books, Coffee, & Tea in Victoria BC

Books, Coffee, & Tea in Victoria BC

Books, Coffee, & Tea

If I had been Maslow, structuring his Hierarchy of Needs, I would have included a separate tier for the very foundation of human survival: Books, Coffee, & Tea. They are three essentials so deeply rooted in my everyday life, I can't fathom how people make do without them. Whenever I visit a new city, I set off on my own little treasure hunt to find the best of them. 

I recently returned from a trip to Victoria BC. It was my third time there within less than a year, and if you haven't visited yet, you should add this little Canadian island to your list. Below, I've compiled a lineup of some of my favorite spots for books, coffee, & tea in Victoria BC.

Note: I sometimes receive messages inquiring what I shoot on. I take most of my photos on my Sony a7rii. (You can also get the newer model here: Sony a7riii.) But I also shoot on my iPhone X on days when I don’t feel like carrying my camera and lenses around, and my photos still turn out beautifully!

B o o k s

1. Munro's Books


Named the third best bookstore in the world by National Geographic, it was founded and formerly owned by Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro. Munro's Books stands regally with grand arches and pillars and welcomes you with an array of books and genres. You'll likely walk away with an armful. 

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Address: 1108 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Y2, Canada



2. Russell Books


Just a few minutes walk away from the bustling Government Street in downtown lies  Russell Books, a bookstore overflowing with so many books that it's broken up into separate little shops and levels. Their shelves are stocked from floor to ceiling, as evidenced in the photo above. Truthfully, you might spend hours here, so set aside a bit of time in your day for some browsing and book sampling.

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Address: 734 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 2P5, Canada



3. Renaissance Books


Significantly smaller, and thankfully, quieter, than the aforementioned bookstores, Renaissance Books offers an eclectic selection of used books with a number of rare finds and first editions for the collectors among you. It's located in Bastion Square, a charming square in Downtown Victoria. Follow the sign with the pointing finger to the black iron gate and enter the brick building. If old books are your thing, you're sure to walk away with a few good finds.

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Address: 14 Bastion Square, Victoria, BC V8V 4A7 Canada


C o f f e e  & T e a 

4. Pour


I mentioned Pour in my post on "An Ideal Day in Victoria." It's situated directly on Government Street, which is the main avenue in downtown Victoria, so you can't miss it. People's experience with Pour's coffee seems to be hit or miss, but personally, I've had a good experience with both their coffee and tea every time I've visited. If you're visiting on a warm day, try their Earl Grey Tea Latte over ice. Creamy and dreamy. During early hours, the shop is quiet, and its and atmosphere and aesthetic provide a wonderful place for reading, writing, or sharing stories about your adventures in the city.

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Address: 817 Government St., Victoria, BC V8W, Canada


5. Hey Happy


Of all the coffee I've tried in Victoria, Hey Happy's coffee has surpassed them all. The shop is small and quiet, and their coffee is simply sublime. Now you won't have to go hunting around the city for Victoria's best coffee. You'll thank me later. :)

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Address: 122-, 560 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C6, Canada



6. The Empress


I also mentioned tea at The Empress in my post on "An Ideal Day in Victoria BC." Prepared by the former executive chef to the Royal Family, this afternoon tea is one of the best I've ever had and includes selections of sandwiches and pastries that have been the favorites of the Queen and the Royal Family over the years. Plus their elegantly displayed selection of teas is so enticing, it's a quandary to choose just one. Each flavor I've tried has been divine and tastes like what dreams are made of.

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Address: 792 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1W5, Canada



7. Nourish Kitchen & Cafe


A wonderful haven providing organic food and a bright atmosphere, you'll find Nourish always a bustle. Stop in for a full meal or just a cup of tea or coffee. Though I prefer my tea strong and bold, Nourish still serves a lovely selection of lightly brewed teas along with good coffee and great pastries.

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Address: 225 Quebec St, Victoria, BC V8V 1W2, Canada