A Spring Day at Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

A mere 30 minute drive away from downtown Victoria BC lies a wondrous botanical haven that spans 55 acres. Butchart Gardens will enchant as you gawk at its lush green groves and marvel at its vast collection of blossoms. Its acreage is divided into six segments, each splendid in its own respect.

A Guide to the Gardens

  • The Sunken Garden: Wind through a forest grove of coniferous trees and stop at its edge where you'll immediately take in a magnificent expanse of meticulously manicured shrubs. Descend the the incline and walk along the paved paths between the flowers and trees.

  • The Concert Lawn: Once you exit the sunken garden, you'll come across a carousel, empty fields, and hand-carved animals and totem poles. On summer evenings, Butchart Gardens holds concerts here, included in your admission fee.

  • The Rose Garden: Brightly colored roses and verdant arches will delight you as you stop for photos and inhale the sweet scent of the roses surrounding you.

  • The Japanese Garden: Continue on to the Japanese Garden. With its winding, moss-covered branches, tranquil waterfalls, and quiet corners, the Japanese Garden is my favorite.
  • The Italian Garden: Step through the arched hedges and stop for gelato you can savor alongside its fountains and ponds.
  • The Mediterranean Garden: On your way back to the courtyard entrance, stop in to the Mediterranean Garden to rub Tacca, its famous boar statue, for good luck. 

As you wander through the gardens, you'll sigh with content as you relish each moment, especially in the spring when every corner of the garden radiates with life. Below lies a series of photos of that gives you a glimpse of the beauty that will overwhelm you during your next visit.



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