Brittany Benita

A Guide to the 1st Arrondissement

Brittany Benita
A Guide to the 1st Arrondissement

1st Arrondissement

Side of the Seine: Right Bank

When you picture Paris, there are likely visions of grandeur dancing in your thoughts along with flashes of Chanel campaigns and grandiose architecture. You are likely envisioning the 1st arrondissement, the very heart of the city. On your first or second trip to Paris, there is no doubt your itinerary will lead you here for a number of occasions and attractions, including the Louvre and Saint-Chapelle. Here, your senses can feast on the glamour of the Paris so often referenced.


Should I stay here?

As the very heart of the city, the lively 1st arrondissement is ideally located. Metro stations are easily accessible, and it lies in close proximity to major sights, brasseries, and shops. Naturally it can be quite expensive to find accommodation, so search around to see if you can find accommodation within your budget. Keep in mind you will be in the midst of the bustle of the city, so if you prefer a quieter neighborhood, the 1st may not be for you.



  • Musée du Louvre The Louvre needs no introduction. Of course, it houses the famed Mona Lisa, but it also showcases  a multitude of masterpieces dating from the Middle Ages to 1848. From paintings to sculptures to artifacts, you could spend days here at the Louvre and still not absorb the full wealth of knowledge and art that the Louvre offers.
  • Tuileries: After the Louvre, wander into the impressive Jardin de Tuileries and the Carousel Gardens designed by the same genius who created the gardens at Versailles. During non-peak times, the gardens and the pools provide the ideal space for moments of peace and reflection.
  • Sainte-Chapelle: Enter this Gothic-style church and take the stairs from the lower chapel up to a  room so magnificent it appears to have been accomplished by some sort of magic. Marvel at the gilded ceilings and the stained glass that spans fifteen immense windows. It was here at Sainte-Chapelle that Marie Antoinette was held prisoner before her execution.