A Guide to the 10th Arrondissement

10th Arrondissement


If you're traveling by train from another city, the 10th arrondissement may be your first impression of Paris, as both major train stations, Gare du Nord & Gare de l'est are situated here.

Best known for the Canal St-Martin, the 10th arrondissement presents its charm especially along the canal. Take caution, however, because some of the neighborhoods in the 10th are reputed to be a bit rougher. I wouldn't suggest exploring the 10th at night, especially alone, but it is a lovey area to meander during the day.

The Canal St-Martin provides you with a variety of splendid options: a picnic on the bank, a stroll along the water, a boat ride on the canal, or a cappuccino while seated outside a café

Should I stay here?

As I mentioned above, some neighborhoods in the 10th don't bear the safest reputation, so it wouldn't be my first suggestion for booking accommodation. It's not as upscale or charming as the Paris you might be picturing, but I wouldn't necessarily deem it dangerous. Naturally, some streets are safer than others, so if you're looking into a hotel or apartment here, I advise you to do research on the safety of the area.


  • Canal St-Martin: This canal may look familiar to you. Here they filmed the iconic scene where Amelie skips stones in her red dress. If your goal in life, like mine, is to embody the essence of Amelie Poulain, this will take you one step closer.
  • Little Jaffna: Akin to a Little India, Little Jaffna is replete with colorful shops and restaurants that carry spices, garlands, tea, saris, and collections of goods from countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. 
  • Marché St-Quentin: Enter this charming indoor market, and inhale the scent of fresh flowers, sample local cheese and produce, or take your pick of meat and fresh seafood. You might even walk away with an antique or two.
  • Musée de l'ÉventailMusée de l'Éventail is a quirky but captivating museum to visit. Also an atelier, it honors the history and craft of making fans.