A Guide to the 16th & 17th Arrondissements

A Guide to the 16th & 17th Arrondissements

16th & 17th Arrondissements


Quite considerable in size, the 16th & 17th arrondissements are chic residential districts with gorgeous tree-lined boulevards where locals can find a safe haven away from hoards of tourists. Still, a good number of travelers book accommodation in these peaceful areas which sometimes provide ideal views of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

The 17th is a culturally diverse arrondissement that was once home to such flourishing writers and artists as Édouard Manet and Henry Miller. The exclusive 16th arrondissement is home to the wealthier, upper-class, including a large number of diplomats. One such upscale neighborhood worth wandering to is Passy, whose residents are undeniably posh, from their luxury cars to their couture clothes to their je ne sais quoi. This area holds no shortage of cafés, bistros, pâtisseries, shops, and parks.

Should I stay here?

Though not my first choices for accommodation, as these arrondissements are a bit out of the way from the city center, booking a stay here can provide you with that village feel while still being relatively close enough to the highlights of Paris.

If you do end up staying here, The 16th and 17th are tranquil and safe. You can expect hotel prices in the 16th to be quite expensive, given the class of the neighborhood, while the 17th tends to be more affordable in comparison.

Because they are both substantial in size, look for accommodation that lies closer to the 7th and 8th arrondissements rather than on the outskirts. This will make it both faster and easier for you to get to the sights on your itinerary, though you should still prepare yourself to spend a bit of time to journey to the central districts.


  • Palais de Tokyo: (16th) The largest space for contemporary art in Europe, the Palais de Tokyo not only showcases modern art installations and fashion, but hosts performances and screenings as well. You can also spend a restful afternoon at its restaurants, gardens, and  bookshop.
  • Bois de Boulogne: This 2090 acre park is the second largest in Paris. It is a beautiful park to peacefully wander and includes botanical gardens, a lake, a waterfall, a large greenhouse, and even a tennis stadium and horse racing tracks.
  • Cimétière de Passy: Though not as grand as Père Lachaise, if you're an aficionado of classical music, you might add this cemetery to your list. This cemetery has laid to rest three renowned composers: Claude Debussy, George Mandel, and Gabriel Fauré.
  • Musée Marmottan Monet: Displaying 130 of Monet's works and drawings, you can spend an insightful afternoon getting lost in his dreamy landscapes.


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