A Guide to Using the Paris Trains

A Guide to Using the Paris Trains

Paris by Train


The most practical and budget friendly way for you to get around Paris is by using the Paris Metro system. There are 245 stations within Paris alone, so you'll have no problem reaching whichever part of Paris you aim for. The trains begin running at around 5:30 am and, depending on the day of the week, run until 1:15am- 2am. 


Though similar to the Paris Metro, the RER is a different train system composed of 5 lines that connects the city center to the suburbs and outer areas of Paris, including the airports, Disneyland Paris, and Versailles. When traveling from the airport to the city center and back, you'll be using the RER.


The SNCF is an inter-city train that connects Paris to other French cities such as Giverny and Chantilly as well as to other European cities such as Berlin, Zurich, and Brussels. If you're traveling from another country to Paris by train, you'll likely be riding on the SNCF.



You have multiple options for tickets which you can determine based on your travel needs. For updated information, click here to access the RATP website.

  • Single Ticket- Costs 1,90€ and is valid for one single trip.
  • Carnet- A set of 10 tickets costing 14,50€.
  • Mobilis- A ticket that allows unlimited travel on the Metro, RER, & bus. Good for one whole day. You can purchase a Mobilis at Metro and RER counters as well as at ticket machines called Billiteries which you'll find at every Metro station. In order to validate a Mobilis, you must write your name and date of travel on the card.
    • Zones 1 - 2:  5,90€

    • Zones 1 - 3:  7,90€

    • Zones 1 - 4:  9,80€

    • Zones 1 - 5:  13,20€

    • Zones 1 - 6:  16,70€

  • Paris Visite- The Paris Visite allows you the options of 1, 2, 3, or 5 days of unlimited travel within the certain "zones" in Paris and is valid for the Metro, RER, SNCF, bus, and funicular. Depending on how often you'll be using the train, this pass might or might not be worth it. The Paris Visite ticket can be purchased in person at all metro ticket stations, the airport, and tourist offices, as well as online on the RailEurope website and on the Paris Tourism website
    • Zones 1, 2, 3: Tickets range from 1 day at 12.85€ to 5 days at 41€ per ticket.
    • Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Tickets range from 1 day at 26.95€ to 5 days at 70.30€ per ticket.
  • RER Tickets: Within Zone 1, you can use a regular Metro ticket to use the RER. For travel outside of Zone 1, you'll need to purchase a Billet Ile-de-France. You can purchase them at RER and Metro stations and machines. Prices vary depending on the station and your destination.
  • SNCF Tickets: You can purchase SNCF tickets to other cities and countries in person at ticket offices and machines, here on the SNCF website, or on the RailEurope website. Ticket prices vary.
  • Bus Tickets: Purchasing a ticket on a bus only entitles you to one, non-connecting bus ride. A single T+ ticket allows you to use the bus or the Metro, but the best option would be to purchase a carnet, Mobilis, or Paris Visite depending on how many bus connections/stops your visit requires.


Keep in mind:

  • Children under 4 travel for free, and children under 9 pay a discounted price.
  • Ticket machines don't accept paper money, but they accept coins and cards.
  • The Paris Visite entitles you to discounts on certain museums and tours which you can view here.
  • Be sure to keep your ticket or pass on you for the entire ride, as ticket checkers will often come through.
  • Visit the RATP website and the Paris Pass website for maps and plans on Zones, Lines, & Stations.
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